The Issue of Our Time

AIC model

After decades of tackling some of the greatest issues of our time—poverty, energy, health, conflict over natural resources, abuse of power, and corruption—I have come to understand that these issues become problems because they affect everybody. We cannot solve them unless everybody does their part.

We need new ways for us as individuals, organizations and cultures to contribute to the resolution of such issues through the way in which we lead our own lives and do our own work.

I have worked for many years on organizational change for multinational corporations, the World Bank and the United Nations. But changing organizations is not enough. We also have to change ourselves. The issue has become:

What does it take for each of us to conduct our life and work
so that by doing what we do and being who we are
we automatically contribute to the common good?

How Does AIC Help?

AIC—appreciation, influence and control—is a profoundly simple, elegant and natural model of power that can help us answer the question above. Built on the philosophy that purpose is the source of our power, AIC enables us to draw power from both unconscious levels of purpose and the pursuit of higher levels of purpose. Together with the introduction of appreciation as our highest level of power, AIC helps us design more "power-full" organizing processes for individual leaders, organizations and cultures.

How Can I Learn More about AIC?

The quickest way to learn the basics of AIC is to experience it as applied to you. Complete a simple exercise that takes less than 5 minutes, and it's free! The resulting report will reveal both your conscious and subconscious purpose as ideals, values and goals; the power they create; and how you integrate both into your unique approach to leadership. You will then understand how AIC is a meta-process that you can apply to any purpose you may have.

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