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What is AIC?

AIC model

AIC, appreciation, influence and control, is a profoundly simple and elegant model of power. It helps us to look at ourselves, our organizations and our world in a profoundly newway. It reveals the true sources of our power and and how we can use them for the good of ourselves, others and the common good.

When leaders and organizations pay equal attention to these AIC powers, the results they receive go exponentially beyond their expectations. It is, especially, the addition of the idea of appreciative power that helps us to take into account all those variables that affect our performance but that we cannot influence or control, that accounts for the dramatic change, The addition of appreciative power makes what seemed impossible possible. Click for More.


Why is AIC so Important?

After three decades of tackling some of the greatest problems of our time, poverty, energy, conflict over natural resources, abuse of power, and corruption, I have come to understood, that these issues are problems because we are still trying to tackle them through control and the use of influence to increase our control. We still see our major problems as resource based, and the primary solutions as economic. We will not be able to tackle the greatest issues of our time, nor those we face in our own personal worlds, from his narrow resource-based, control perspective. We have to evolve our concept of power to embrace a larger view that releases different kinds of resources and different kinds of power that are not in short supply:

  1. Power over or control of physical resources is not the only power that determines our well-being,
  2. We have an exponentially larger multiplicative influence power with others to develop not only new physical resources, but new relational resources that produce values beyond economic that affect our well-being, e.g. social, aesthetic political, ethical.
  3. We have an infinite source of appreciative power to create power through our imagination. Anyone, anywhere, can access this infinite source of creativity at no costs and make what seems impossible possible.

We have not yet institutionalized the use of appreciative power to provide the meaning and trust that will give the context for a more effective balance to our use of our influence and control powers. Designs to achieve such balance through the equal use of all three powers are relatively simple, natural and practical. They can be used for any purpose, whether small—a 15-minute problem-solving sessions—or large—contributing to the solution of the greatest problems of our time. The AIC components ensure that the process contains all of the wisdom necessary to achieve and exceed the desired results. Click for More...

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